Bentley Walker Contract Win

Avanti is pleased to announce a contract win with Bentley Walker Ltd for bandwidth serving customers in Afghanistan. The capacity will be on HYLAS 2, Avanti’s second satellite which is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2012.

The contract has a term of 2 years with a value of $2m plus a further 1 year extension option. 

HYLAS 1 Avanti is also pleased to welcome the addition of three more “SVNO” customers to HYLAS 1. AVC Polska is the fast growing Polish operation of the UK based AVC Group, already an Avanti partner in the UK. AVC Polska offers IT and network services to the public sector and enterprise customers in Poland. DSL SAT Service are a German provider of satellite solutions for specialised applications. Acorde is a Spanish based international technology company providing satellite solutions to many sectors including the growth markets of e-health and environmental control.  

Commenting on the contract wins, David Williams, Chief Executive of Avanti Communications, said: “I am particularly pleased Bentley Walker has selected Avanti as a key supplier for Afghanistan. We are proud to work with a company who are famous for their dedication to delivering the best possible services in what can be some very challenging environments. We look forward to working with them, and expanding our partnership, in the years to come. I would also like to welcome three more service providers to our business and am happy to note the increasing depth of coverage they give us in the Polish, German and Spanish markets.”  


About Avanti

  • Avanti's first satellite called HYLAS 1, launched on November 26th 2010 and is the first superfast broadband satellite launched in Europe.
  • Avanti sells satellite data communications services to telecoms companies which use them to supply residential, enterprise and institutional users.
  • Avanti’s second satellite, called HYLAS 2, is on target for launch in Q2 2012. It will extend Avanti’s coverage to Africa and the Middle East.
  • For service providers, Avanti offers three contract variants:
  1. Shared Virtual Network Operator (SVNO): whereby the customer buys units of broadband service and Avanti manages the network for them. The customer commits to as minimum number of units per annum.
  2. Guaranteed Virtual Network Operator (GVNO): whereby the service provider buys guaranteed Megabits of managed service and controls the system themselves by logging onto the satellites through Avanti’s “OSS” Customer Software system.
  3. Hosted Network Operator (HNO): whereby the customer buys raw Mega Hertz of bandwidth and installs its own infrastructure at Avanti’s Gateway Earth Station.


About Bentley Walker

Bentley Walker recently celebrated its 60th year in business and is now Europe's largest re-seller of satellite internet equipment.  They not only supply and install equipment but have a large number of customers using their own satellite internet service which was established in 1999. Quick up take of the latest technology and a focus on customer service has taken Bentley Walker from small beginnings to global success. They are known both locally and globally for their expert opinion and excellent service. Industry commentators COMSYS have described Bentley Walker as the company that other re-sellers would like to be or beat and the most attractive partner for any wholesaler today. Bentley Walker has been trading in the Middle East for a number of years and a much of their new satellite internet business comes from there. They have now expanded to cover Afghanistan and Africa as well. Bentley Walker has a number of business partners and re-sellers of their products across the world, resulting in almost complete global coverage.


About Acorde

ACORDE S.A. is a globally active Spanish technology company providing advanced solutions in the fields of Telecommunications, Space, Military, Automation, Information Technologies, Security and Energy. Its System Engineering unit offers turnkey solutions for broadband wireless and satellite communications, engineering projects for voice and data solutions and advanced IP security solutions. About AVC Polska AVC Group is a leading international services company, delivering an end-to-end capability across a broad range of specialist areas including satellite broadband.  Customers of the AVC Group are already operating more than 12,000 VSATs in over 70 countries worldwide and the Polish operation is a new area of expansion.


About DSL Sat Service

DSL SAT Service are a German provider of satellite solutions for specialised applications. They have long experience in remote monitored alarm and video surveillance systems, have partnered with solar and eco power companies to allow round-the-clock remote monitoring of their generators, and provide satellite connectivity for petrol stations, hydro dams and biogas digesters in rural areas. They also work with weather data providers to connect their weather stations in remote locations via satellite.

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