Guidance to QSAT Customers

Guidance to QSAT customers

Your service provider has let you down – although you paid your bills, QSAT did not pay its bills for a long time and has been removed. Despite not receiving payment, Avanti, which owns the satellite you use, has kept your service working.

To continue to receive service, you must call Bentley Walker now (on 08458730266), a large and reliable Avanti service provider who will take responsibility for your account, with better service and support and good value for money. If you choose not to contact Bentley Walker the service will be suspended.




For further information please contact: 

Avanti: David Williams / Nigel Fox +44 (0)207 749 6703

Montfort: Nick Miles / James Olley, +44 (0)203 770 7909

Redleaf: Lara Pyliotis, +44 (0)207 382 4763


Notes to Editors

About Avanti Communications 

Avanti connects people wherever they are – in their homes, businesses, in government and on mobiles. Through the HYLAS satellite fleet and more than 180 partners in 118 countries, the network provides ubiquitous internet service to a quarter of the world’s population. Avanti delivers the level of quality and flexibility that the most demanding telecoms customers in the world seek.

Avanti is the first mover in high throughput satellite data communications in EMEA. It has rights to orbital slots and Ka-band spectrum in perpetuity that covers an end market of over 1.7bn people.

The Group has invested $1.2bn in a network that incorporates satellites, ground stations, datacentres and a fibre ring.

Avanti has a unique021

Cloud based customer interface that is protected by patented technology.

Avanti Communications is listed in London on AIM (AVN: LSE).    

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