Universal Service Commitment Contract Win

Avanti Communications Group plc (AIM: AVN), the broadband satellite operator, is pleased to announce three contract wins which will help it to deliver the government’s required Universal Service Commitment under the Digital Britain project.Firstly, a project has been awarded by the British Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in support of their strategy for Digital Britain.

The project will investigate technologies that can be incorporated in Customer Premises Equipment to support emerging applications and next generation broadband services.Secondly, Avanti has also been awarded a contract to prepare for larger scale deployment of satellite backhaul for rural mobile broadband access, building on earlier technology trials performed in Northern Ireland.  Finally, a consortium consisting of Avanti, University of Bologna (as prime contractor) and the DLR Institute of Communications and Navigation has been selected by the European Space Agency to support the standardisation activities of the next generation of the DVB Return Channel via Satellite standard (DVB-RCS NG).  The new standard aims to improve the interoperability and efficiency of satellite broadband services leading to higher speeds and lower equipment costs.

David Williams, Chief Executive of Avanti, said: “I am pleased to announce our involvement in these new government sponsored activities. They will help us to prepare our solution for the Universal Service Commitment contemplated by the Digital Britain Report.  It is now clear to all that Avanti’s broadband satellites will have a major role in solving these problems for governments around the World.”

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